Remember! Friends is on Netflix now!

I don’t necessarily enjoy holidays, but I thought I would post a little something on January 1st. Mainly because I’m up late tonight (the latest I’ve been up in two weeks) But not because I went out drinking. I stayed in this year. I had a bunch of submission deadlines and edits to work on. Also, my very drunk brother needed someone to pick him up.

Before I go into anything else I wanted to shout out to everyone who reads my blog, comments and likes a post. It really does mean a lot. To know people are reading my post, enjoy my writing and continue to enjoy my writing. It’s nice to know nice people are out there. 

Thank you, everyone. 

Like I said, I had a few last minute deadlines for a few journals and I don’t know I didn’t feel like going out this year. I went out last year, had fun. But this year I was very content sitting at home stressing over poems and drinking champagne and finally started watching Orange is the New Black. 


Then around 1AM my very drunk brother calls and needs a ride from downtown. So I hop into my car and take off. BUT as I’m turning on my car “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry comes right on!

For those that don’t know I really love masturbating to this song, but it’s really hard to enjoy this song in other situations, like driving in my car. Most the time I just laugh and say, “fuck my life.”

So I get downtown and call my brother to let him know where I’m at and he’s throwing up as I’m on the phone with him. *Magical* Then he finds my car and the car ride home smells of whiskey and cigarettes and he continues to sing the songs on the radio. On the way back home, the radio station decides to announce the top 10 music videos of 2014. What’s number #1? OH THATS RIGHT! DARK HORSE and they play the song and my poor drunk brother is like, “ah…NOOOO!” Then I watch my brother struggle to get out of my car as he sings to a Taylor Swift song.

And that was my night. 

I’m still up, watching Orange is the New Black. I’m not sure if I’ll masturbate tonight. I’ve done a bit the last two days so I’m feeling pretty good.

Here’s to 2015

Maybe I’ll have sex this year…



As my previous post involving Marcus, Brian was very much a quick side step that I really hate talking about, or thinking about. I have spent a good portion of the last four years trying to forget about him.

Brian was a drug dealer, who had recently left prison.

I know.

I really know how to pick a winner huh?

Brian smoked too much, had terrible tattoos of poorly drawn out women’s breasts and had a lisp due to his ugly tongue piercing.

Like I said, I had a night in question with him and Marcus and I’m going to leave it at that. But about a month afterwards I was pretty broken up over Marcus (ugh stupid me!) I think I wanted to make Marcus jealous. Yeah, have sex with Brian…good idea. NOT!

So we had sex, it was bad. He was probably the small penis I have ever seen and he just smelled of alcohol and cigarettes.

I think he may have liked me a bit. Or at least liked the idea of me being a regular sex buddy. He continued to want to hang our. Go to clubs with him, go out to eat. I really had to do some major blocking to get away from him. Really wanted to block him from my memory.

Few years later I heard he got married. Huh.


So that was Brian, the drug dealer.